12 May, 2010


In the left, a design showing the main system, based in the yuloh. At right, another fin free of motion to generate a vortex to rear. This is very schematic, cause the final angles, sizes, proportion and material will depend of the practice. But the concept is to use as less as possible any kind of mechanism under water to avoid drag.
The "yuloh" type use the lateral motion of the boat, while the other one the pounding. I think total is bigger than the add of parts in this case specially. Now I have to get it working.

07 May, 2010


I think probably this week the boat is ready. Then I will began to build the wave power propulsion device, with the advice of Mr.Ken Upton, by the AYRS (Amateur Yacht Resarch Society) of London. As I hear Ken was the first person to observe the dolphins need ten times more muscles what they have to swim at the speed they reach, so the dolphins use the power of the waves. Let me see what happens.