22 August, 2010


I still having some delays, cause I don't found yet nobody capable to pick'n up NA-Y to the water, close here. I have not a gps, compass and some safety stuff as well. But anyway, I will sail, I think in one or two days. While testing the wave propulsion device I will post some picks and then measures, complete design, proportions, etc.. The important matter here is to demonstrate how to sail using this device is safe and reliable. I hope to exceed the five knots in the first attempt.
So, that traditional eye are almost all my protection.

04 August, 2010

MULTIFUNCTION, an easy way.

We need, normally, an steering system, an auxiliary oar and a propulsion system. What if we use all toguether, in the same system? Is nothing complex, if we try to sintetyze.

The chinese yuloh can be modified for this purpose. The blade can be done vertical and the arm flexible, so this way we have all the system and is too simple. Simpler is smarter, if it works.

The blue shark tail size is something like the half of his lenght, and in the red tuna we can talk about one third. The difference is this shark's shape is trimmer like a narrow planning hull and the tuna looks more like a displacement hull, but the both reaches fast speeds. This bring idea about the lenght of the oar's blade.