31 July, 2010

PROPULSION DEVICE, design and shape.

Yes, propulsion device looks primitive, more if we take a look to the work in this matter the last hundred years. So, something is going wrong, the sea waves are plenty of power and is necessary to know how to use it, but the way of development of this technology is looking for an horizontal fin, like dolphins tails. However, a vertical fin, like a shark tail, increases estability, reduces drag and almost all the motion is used to propel the boat. Then, we will take a look at the nurse shark and yuloh.
The dolphin's tail is too efficient, but this one swimms in different way than a boat navigating. I can't imagine my boat jumping over the waves. Sharks or tunas swimming more like a boat navigate.

29 July, 2010

Precision Barometer.

The titanium bar is in my left leg, a bit uncomfortable while working, but the best barometer ever.
Stick legs just to olders pirates.

16 July, 2010


Soon this matter will be posted in detail(while using it in practice). The idea in back of this is to do something easy, simple and reliable. For a boat this size, the wave propulsion can be done very cheap too, and will work not under motion but under vibration or cavitation. I think not computer was invented yet to calculate the lot of variables to determinate resultant force, many vortexes are generated. Two or three small modifications has been done while building the hull as well.
The new technologies are used not only to select materials, but to simplify- opposite as most of the people think-  any mechanism as well. The complexity of new devices respond to a commercial finality, but this is not the case. I look for freedom, yes, this is not only an abstract idea, I talking about cruising for free, independent of winds or streams too.


I'm ready to sail, just need some days to complete details like the insurance or an affidavit. The only problem is I will experiment the propulsion device while sailing cause I don't found permits to do it here. Doesn't matter, a bit of faith ever is needed.
I will use in the beginning just the device derivated from yuloh. The other one -the fin in the bottom- cab be avoided to have a better point of view about just this oar performance .