14 December, 2010


The idea is simple: to propulse a boat we need an oar and a boat, applying force to the oar we have the motion. But, what happen if the force is applied to the boat by the waves? Lots of smart people still working in develop fins, doing equations, investing money and time, having masters and titles..............Don't be smart, just modest and humble is much better to learn and found solutions. I have a tender boat, and a sculling oar astern, that's it.

After a couple of months experimenting I can say now this thing works. I will need some changes in the final shape and materials, increase proportions and a new adjustement to gain in speed. The principle is very easy to understand: something like a japanese ro -chinese yuloh in the original idea- where the blade is changed to a vertical position and the loom still fixed at the centerline with a bungee cord.

The original device I did using pvc pipes -too much flexibles-, some plywood and epoxy for the blade. This one bring-me 4knots with one meter waves, bad because don't works very well windward, also the result was after increase the pvc pipes in diameter.

Next: I will use different and definitive materials. I hope to sail a bit before summer.

Note: Thanks to Douglas Brooks http://thesabaniproject.blogspot.com/ to help by sending me his article about japanese ro oar.