09 December, 2011


In this images can be seen how the system works. All the rolling and pitching is redirected to act like an horizontal and forward motion. In a calm, the rudder acts like an oar, or to acelerete the boat under several circumstances.

Under ideal conditions, five to six knots can be achieved, and this is about the speed hull limit. I did several miles using it, trying and experimenting, changing shapes and saving errors. If a good research is done, I think the better results can be achieved to do this a primary propulsion for any boat.

Another thing, is all of the drawbacks for a planning hull when trolling, results this way a benefit. We need motion of water, eddies, turbulence, etc. and convert it in propulsion.

I hope this can be a good aport about the wave propulsion, for funny or other finality. Anybody can feel free to contact me and exchange opinions about the use of this in any kind of hull.