28 February, 2013

Rio de la Plata conditions.

Before I began to talk about the new design is good to explain how are the water condition where I living. "Rio de la Plata" means a river of silver and this name is related to the expediotions of conquistadores from Spain. This is the bigger estuary around the world and the conditions can be worst than in the ocean, a couple of weeks ago in summer we get waves of five feet with a period of five seconds and strong winds. "Pampero" from the west or "sudestada" from southeast normally comes with no warning, are too strong, and normally produces big changes in water deepness.
Talking about the last- we got from five to fiveteen meters of water, so is very normal to sail in breaking waves. Most of the fishermen use a dory hull, in cedar but sometimes they drown in the surf near the shore.

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